WeChat is the Chinese version of WhatsApp or Telegram. Actually, most of the popular IM apps are blocked in China, including WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Line and Facebook Messenger. WeChat is necessary if you are planning to stay in China for a while.

Wherever you are from you can easily register WeChat through your cell phone numbers. While you have all the basic function like moments and chatting, but you may not able to use WeChat Pay, which is only available for Chinese bank account.

Unlike WhatsApp, you don’t need to add someone in your contact to start a chat. You have multiple ways to add a WeChat friend. The most convenient way is QR Code, you can scan the QR Code to add friends. Tap “Discover” then you can see the “Scan QR Code” right under the “Moments”.

If you want someone to add you, you can show him your QR Code. It’s in the last section “Me”, you will see a QR Code icon right next to your name and you WeChat ID.

Also, WeChat ID is a way to let your friends find you. In the Setting part, you will see the “Account Security”, then you can set you WeChat ID, others can easily find you by your ID.

Moments is another function I should bring. It’s a social network kind like Instagram. You can post a photo and your friends can comment on it. But unlike Instagram, it’s way more private. The comments can only be seen by the common friend, that means you will not see the comments from people aren’t your friend.

About WeChat Pay, what I know is it’s available in mainland China and HK. Base on the information I get, the foreign visitors can’t register WeChat Pay. Anyway, I do see some international students using it. If you know how to sign up WeChat Pay or Alipay, please tell me.

Featured image comes from The Wall Street Journal.

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