Communication is important in everywhere. Today I will update some basic info about China and give you some advice.

What Do We Speak

There is no doubt that we use Chinese in Xi’an, sometimes we also use our dialect (Shaanxi Voice). But don’t worry about that, most people can speak a few English (words, actually), and we are open for communication. So don’t be afraid if you can’t speak Chinese, you know sometimes, body languages is all it takes.
Also, some of us can speak English. If you need someone who can speak English, try the students in high uniform.

Body Language

Body language is the best way to communicate with others but to know there are servers gestures you should do. Like other culture, you should never raise you middle figure. Besides that, I think the others are fine. If you really do something make the people angry, just give a sincere apology.
We can understand the difference between our cultures, but still, there is some move will consider very rude in China.

Don’t Hug the People You Don’t Know

In western culture, huge is very common. But in China, we only use it to a close friend or young couple. So if you are about to hug a female, make sure you know she doesn’t mind first.

Be Softly

When I say that, I mean don’t reject you friend so directly and so tough. There is a time in the bar, I lost the game and I need to get the number from the foreign boy in the next desk. And when I say may I interrupt he give me a loud and clear no. But he didn’t mean it, after a few minutes he asks me what’s going on, he’s kind.
I can understand maybe some peoples are used to say no directly. But in China, it will consider rude too. So next time you can say it in a soft word, I am sorry but it’s not a good time.

Use WeChat

WeChat is an IM app like WhatsApp. But consider WhatsApp and Facebook are totally blocked in China, we use WeChat instead. If you wanna make friends in China, remember to install this on your smartphone.
You don’t have to get peoples number in China, cause WeChat offers a very convenient way to add friends. You can share you QRcode with others, it’s simple and easy.
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